ACARS video of UAL175 & UAL93


[NEW] Suspect Aircraft

New Folder: AERONAUTICS / SPECIAL / Suspect Aircraft

Please help to identify missing aircrafts…

T7 B7 Other Flights 911 Fdr- Suspect Aircraft of 9-11

T7 B7 Other Flights 911 Fdr- Suspect Aircraft of 9-11.pdf

[NEW] Special Activity around 9/11 airplanes

Menu Special Activity

Menu Special Activity


[NEW] UAL93 Acars


[NEW] Phone Calls

Timed phones calls from airplanes

Timed phones calls from airplanes

[NEW] Square Boundaries FAA Radars Datas

faa menu


Datas converted from NARA_FOIA_36411_FAA_RECORDS_Aug_19_2011

I don’t know from which radars plots comes from… ATC ?


example of square boundaries FAA datas

[NEW] DCA screencap video

[Update] BAR Radar

BAR (Secondary) Radar is now update.

New BAR radar

New BAR radar

Raw datas released from 05:30 to 20:00.


9/11maps have collected RADES84 data, documents from, photos, videos, maps and plenty of useful documents to produce an all-in-one tool called 9/11 maps allowing anyone to look at this whole documentation at one place and from a timely and comprehensive perspective. You can follow the events of the day just as if you were looking at a radar screen. But you can do many other things. 9/11maps is a Google Earth program that allows anyone to watch and search the events of 9/11.

Download 9/11maps project file